Water Sandal Russian River Clean Up

Michael Dally

After the 4th of July festivities died down, the Earth Runners crew threw on their water adventure sandals and headed out to the Russian River for a day of fun and Earth beautification: 5 people, 8 floats, and countless trash bags in hand. 

Our water sandals seemed perfectly suited for the job, whether we were using our sandaled feet as paddles for aided propulsion, swimming across the river, walking our rafts through the shallows, or scouring steeps river banks for any spotted articles of trash.

Being the creators of perhaps the most exceedingly competent water sandals of our time, we found it our duty to utilize the keen abilities of our adventure sandals to navigate our local river and its banks and clean up one the most littered and beautiful areas we know of. 

We used the opportunities the day presented to stack our functions:

  • Clean up the post-holiday littered river.
  • Soak up some nature time and sunshine.
  • Spend time together enjoying our sandals while bettering the earth #TribeGoals

earth runners sun bathing russian riverearth runners tribe russian river float

This day was a special opportunity to enjoy the culmination of all these factors together with a group of like minds all working toward a common goal of earth connected betterment, and our water adventure sandals were the foundation which made this all possible. Over the course of several hours, we collected 6-7 trash bags full of trash! It felt like a scavenger hunt; any trash that we spotted floating and walking the river side got collected and properly disposed of. 

It was satisfying to experience, test and discuss our relatively new adventure sandals, optimally suited for water with their hydrophobic performance lace composition in combination with our amphibious Earth Grip footbed traction. Some rocks got skipped, much fun was had, and the river is now cleaner as a result of the Earth Runner scavengers.

earth runners tribe russian river cleanup

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