New Earther: An Earthing Story

Michael Dally

Guest post by Alan Thwaits

My discovery of earthing happened because I was introduced to a pair of sandals. A pair of Earth Runner Alpha X sandals , to be exact. Michael Dally of Earth Runners offered me a pair to review, and I took him up on it. I'm glad I did.

 In the course of testing the Alpha Xs for a review on my blog, I became intrigued about earthing. First, I looked at the earthing section of the Earth Runners website (which I recommend you do too). Then I checked out some earthing-related videos on YouTube, did more research, and soon purchased an earthing mat from the Earthing website.

Even after a little less than a week sleeping grounded with my earthing sheet, the effects were dramatic. For the first time in years, I slept straight through the night (numerous radiation treatments for prostate cancer over the past eight years have played havoc with my sleep and urinary patterns), and also lost some chronic pain in a thumb joint.

I noticed a marked reduction in my stress levels. Shortly before starting to use the earthing mat, we started an extensive house renovation, which meant that we had to empty the house, relocate to a condo, and board our two dogs and four cats. That would have been enough to unhinge anyone, but was especially tough on me. I have Aspergers Syndrome, and, like most Aspies, find any change in routine extremely harrowing. Being earthed made a really big difference in my ability to cope with the changes.

I feel like I've begun a whole new chapter in life education as I learn more about earthing.

I've just finished reading "Earthing," by Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker. It's been a fascinating read, especially the more technical appendices at the end of the book.

I sleep on the earthing mat, and I also have it under my feet as possible during the day (for between two and four hours each day). I'm still sleeping soundly, and I'm still managing stress better. Not just day-to-day stress during the house renovation, but also acute stress - one of our greyhounds has been in emergency ICU this week, and I don't think I would have coped nearly as well without the help of earthing.

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I plan to buy a full earthing bed sheet in the near future, and maybe also a set of earthing patches. And, when the warmer weather arrives, a pair of fully conductive Circadian Earth Runners . Earthing makes so much sense as a way of optimizing my health and we'll-being that I'd be foolish not to.
I urge you to give earthing serious consideration. It may be one of the best things you'll ever do.
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